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more milkshake

Just a heads up for those of you who like my artwork and jewelry and whatnot or who like seeing what I'm generally up to, my other journal sparrow_salvage should be on your flist, because there's where I'll be updating from now on. This journal is still here but won't be used much until a get all fandomy again, which will probably be not too far away, given that we're having new instalments of Potter AND PotC!!!

But in the meantime -------> sparrow_salvage

man I haven't done this for so long I had to go to the FAQ to remember how to do a username link!!
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as dead as a doornail

*moths fly out*

OI you lot!


Yes it's me, typing away on a free account while some peeps in the corner try to get to me to give my liver away after I'm done using it. I don't think you want it, peeps. Really.

Let's get right to the thick of things- fandom. I miss it and I want back in. Pirates and Potter. So does anyone who might still be alive on my flist know of any likewise still alive fic and icon comms of the same fandoms? Livejournal has changed their searchy things since I've been gone and it's making it ruddy hard to find things.

Oh - and hello to you!! Major life change? Do let me know. I'm checking some of my flist but as you can imagine I'm not really going to get much past skip=30000.
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union flag


Hey hey, look who it is!

And guess what- she's going to England! 4 days.

yes- all thanks to my industrial level of positivity, I managed to save the money required! Except there has been a little bit of a cock-up in the accommodation section of the thing which leaves me needing an extra 300 dollars, so if you were ever considered buying anything in either of my shops, now would be a really great time- HINT HINT.

Here's some pictures- I've lately changed my style completely, and am now making richly-coloured faery style stuff. The dickens thing was all well and good but it was making me unhappy, spending that long deep in my own mind dealing with the issues that my aesthetics revolved around. Anyway long story that's in my art blog if you want to know.


And in the supply shop, I have little kits as well as all kinds of lovely old things:







And yeah- I'm back! I really want to get back into fandom when I come home (potter and pirates), and while I'm away I'll be taking LOTS of photos and posting them on flickr and facebook and I've had LJ requests too, so you'll get to see my adventurings.

I wish I could visit everyone but it's just not possible, I'm leaving with less money in my pocket than is advisable and I don't even know where I'll be staying in the last week of the journey (which is end of June) but I've no doubt something will come up.

The point is I'm going hooray!

now go buy my crap.
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London looms

Sorry about that last post. You can't say it didn't widen your culinary knowledge! :D

I'm in a small jar of vinegar-preserved cucumbers. I've got 2 months to get at least 2 grand together, 3 months to get 4. While I believe this is perfectly possible, I'm starting to get nervous about this UK trip.

I leave on the 27th of May. I need to have my ticket price by the 1st- that's about 2000. Fine, no biggie. I've only got 400 so far but hey- we're gettin' there. I'd LOVE to stay for about 6 months, but to do that I need a visa and to get one of them I need at least 3 grand in my bank when I leave. Also I kinda need new glasses before I go (300+) and the dentist ($trillion) AND I think we need new passports ($200).

My bigger problem is that I've not organised anything, and as far as I know Mum hasn't either. I don't know where we're going or what we're doing except that we'll be based in Bristol. I've been told that public transport over there is mind-bogglingly expensive and the sooner you book the cheaper it is. HELP ME.

The biggest problem I believe I face is Mum- she's paranoid that we're not going to be able to afford it and her defeatist mindset (in addition to the long list of seemingly insurmountable dollars above) is starting to wear off on me. I believe the two biggest factors to achieving something are energy and attitude- you need alot of both. Mum doesn't have that. When faced with difficulties her style is to sit in the corner and mope, where as my style is to methodically and persistently kick it till it blows up. It might not be the best approach, but it gets results.

SO - I need 5 grand in 2 months in order to do all the above.


How hard can it be? *puts kicking boots on*
ray wtf

(baby) battered foods, anyone?


Natural harvest- A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes

Quote from the book's *ahem* back cover: "...Like fine wine and cheeses, the taste of semen is complex and dynamic. Semen is inexpensive to produce and is commonly available in many, if not most, homes and restaurants. Despite all of these positive qualities, semen remains neglected as a food."

Resturants!?!?! *vomit*

If you didn't have to pay money for it, I'd send this book to Clarkson.
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boney banjo

Charm undone.

I'm sitting around feeling all crap and depressed, so I decided to make myself an LJ entry and get some shit out. This is mainly to do with yesterday, and just as much a pick up for myself as for any kind of LJ life reportage. Of course you're welcome to add your Tuppence worth if you so desire. <3

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as dead as a doornail

the tides are in their grave

(Click on the pic to go to the listing)

The waves were dead; the tides were in their grave,
The Moon, their Mistress, had expired before;
The winds were wither'd in the stagnant air,
And the clouds perish'd; darkness had no need
Of aid from them--she was the Universe.

George Gordon Noel Byron

shaguar baby yeah!


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